About Training 

The Peloton Junior Racing Team has a structured pathway training program to prepare for Key races throughout the season. Using local trails for endurance and skills and the ergo room for specific prep leading into races. We also use local club racing to prepare for our key races too. Our road program works in conjunction with the MTB program using closed circuit club criterium races each week, ergo room sessions and the MTB off road training too.

The Peloton Junior Racing Team is a leading club cycling program.

MTB Training

MTB Team is training off road most Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Training is still on during school holidays too, to keep the edge over the competition.

Find out where, when and how Peloton Junior Racing Team trains off road

MTB Training

MTB Training

The Ergo Room

Ergo Room

Ergo Room

Utilised to push the elite and foster the new. The ergo room is the pinnacle of training facilities. Comprised of a variety of Watt Bikes, Spin bikes and smart trainers. These resources allow the trained coaches to measure and analyse specific performance data, thus allowing controlled improvement and management of fatigue, whilst optimizing preparation for the students to be in peak performance for races. Moreover, this facility allows for a controlled environment in wet weather conditions, providing constancy within training and mitigating risk.

Road Training

Road team training is completely run by Peloton Sports. All insurance and liability is undertaken by Peloton Sports/Cycling Australia and no other organisation. All juniors must be Peloton Sports members and licenced through Cycling Australia, then be endorsed by a Peloton Sports coach before they are allowed to commence road training on Peloton Sports training rides.

Find out where, when and how Peloton Junior Racing Team trains on road.