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 Race Day Ready

We'll help you prepare the right way to reach your goals.

Train The Right Way

Confidence comes from the perfect strategy combined with the best training tools.


Commit to a Goal


Structure Your Training


Work Out Smarter


Track Your Progress

Start by adding your event goals to guide your training strategy.

Plan your training volume and intensity to create the right workouts at the right time.

Export planned workouts and automatically sync the results back to your calendar.

Watch as your fitness improves and get rewarded for hitting Peak Performances along the way.

Start Training with Training Peaks

  1. When signing up please use your email address for your usrname.

  2. Open Athlete Account Settings next to you name at the top of the page.

  3. Using the Account drop down navigation bar at the top left find coaches.

  4. Add your team coach:

    1. Mark Rowling

    2. mark@turramurracyclery

  5. From here your coach will add your training program into your calendar and you can log your training.