Water/Electrolyte intake - (you should drink a minimum of 2 ltrs of water everyday, more when you are training or racing)

Training in the morning

Drink water during the session

Drink fruit juice or Endura after the session

Training in the afternoon

On a training day make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

1 hour prior to training, drink a bottle of Endura (or electrolyte).

During the training session drink a bottle with water or water and electrolytes

Race Day

Prior to race - 1 hr prior to race drink a bottle of Endura & water

During the Race

Water, gel or Gu (gel or Gu not essential but optional, depending on the length of the race)

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Training Day

Prior to Training

Breakfast - (if there is time, leave 1 hr to digest food prior to training) eat a light breakfast bread, cereal, toast

Lunches should consist of carbohydrates such as pasta, quinoa, rice with a protein; tuna, chicken (lean meat)

1 hour prior to training eat a protein bar, banana or banana bread

After training

Eat as soon as you have finished a training session ie rice pudding, sushi, banana bread

Race Day

Prior to Race

1 hour prior to race eat a banana or protein bar, banana bread

During the Race

Depending on the length of the race you will need a Gu or a gel

After the Race

Eat as soon as you finish the race eg sushi, rice pudding, banana bread