Great night out for Peloton Sports and Peloton Junior Racing Team. 17 riders in total competing in all 5 divisions. It was such a big turn out I thought we should list everyone. WELL DONE!!!!

All our boys dominated Div 5 and took 2 spots on the podium with Josh Richter 2nd and Finn Kane 3rd. Well done boys. Josh has only raced in two races and has placed in both. Great job Josh and Finn.

Everyone else across all divisions raced superbly. Whether or not you made the podium the individual achievements need to be acknowledged, so well done everyone.

  1. Josh Richter Div 5 2nd

  2. Finn Kane Div 5 3rd

  3. Hudson Rowling Div 5 Bunch Finish

  4. Nick Laniewski Div 5 Bunch Finish

  5. David Wilson Div 5 Bunch Finish

  6. Christian Martinez Div 4 Bunch Finish

  7. Penny Rowbotham Div 4 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  8. Will Baigent Div 4 Bunch Finish

  9. AJ Richter Div 3 Bunch Finish

  10. Peter Laniewski Div 3 (Parent) Bunch Finish

  11. Jackson Young Div 2 Bunch Finish

  12. Ben Ware Div 1 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  13. Benedikt Schneider Div 1 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  14. Geoff Wilson Div 1 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  15. Simon Lhuilier Div 1 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  16. Mark Rowling Div 1 (Coach) Bunch Finish

  17. Indigo Rowling (Not quite old enough yet) Great cheering for all of us